Sending raw 802.11 frame packets


Is there any way using the Standard SDK to send 802.11 frame packets? This is a very common requirement for compatibility with Cisco, Aruba, and other WLAN infrastructure providers for supporting solutions based on their proprietary protocols such as Cisco CCX.

We are looking to incorporate the RTL872xDN into our existing products. The capability we are looking for is similar to when the RTL872xDN chipset is in AP mode and sends 802.11 beacon frame, except we need to be able to control all bytes of the frame (basically, we construct the 802.11 frame according to WLAN infra providers’ protocol specifications). So, we do know the capability exists, however it is not exposed in the Standard SDK functions. Can you please let us know if exposing the free form of sending 802.11 frame packets is something that can be provided?

Thank you for your assistance and response in advance.


From my discussion with internal engineers familiar with the WiFi stack, this capability is present in the SDK. However, this feature is not available in the open-source SDKs found on GitHub.

You would need access to the NDA SDK for this capability. Please follow this post and send me a PM with the required details, so that I can forward you to staff who can assist you.