How to get the entire content of a wifi beacon frame

Hello, guys,
I’m new developer on Ameba-D.I tried the example example_get_beacon_frame , but I found that the get_beacon_frame_callback only has some header information of the wifi beacon frame.I want to know if there is a way to get the whole data of the entire wifi beacon frame
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Alan ,

Are you using Arduino SDK? Arduino SDK will not provide the c code.

You may consider looking at the open-source standard SDK to see if there’s any information that are useful to you: GitHub - ambiot/ambd_sdk at 2f97b30a309b8e273d58904e20911752de319cdd

Alternatively, as some of the code might be private, you might need the NDA SDK to see the full contents. You can take a look at this: Buying IC/ NDA SDK related to see if you are eligible to apply for it.