Buying IC/ NDA SDK related

How to buy module from Realtek?

If you are interested in using Realtek’s module for your product, please read the following instructions,

How to get features that are not included in the open-source SDKs?

For professional use or commercial product development, you might find yourself in a situation where certain features are not included in the open-source SDKs by default. In order to get those features, you may choose to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Realtek to gain access to the NDA SDK as well as dedicated technical support.

Who is eligible for signing NDA SDK?

  • NDA SDK is for professional commercial users (B2B collaboration) ONLY.
  • For personal users, kindly refer to AmebaIoT GitHub for resources regarding Arduino and open-source standard SDK.
    • If features released in AmebaIoT GitHub cannot fulfill your requirement, you may proceed to raise a feature request under GitHub/Issue tab.
    • Your request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
    • We will inform you of the results once the evaluation is completed.

How to get NDA (internal) SDK?

To apply for NDA SDK, kindly click the link here or scan the QR code below to fill in an evaluation form.

Should you require any assistance, you may send this admin a Private Message or leave a message under “Feeback” section in the form.

How to get technical support for NDA SDK related questions?

Questions related to NDA SDK are of Non-disclosure nature thus are not to be discussed publicly, here are the ways you can get technical support,

  1. :rocket:[The best way] Contact the FAE that was assigned to you for direct technical support

    FAE is able to provide timely technical support as well as releasing more source code and documentation, which is NOT allowed on the open source community

  2. :turtle:[The slower way] Post your question on the forum and set it as an unlisted topic, then tag one of the following members in your post for assistance,


    If you wish to post a public topic to discuss questions with others, It is strongly recommended that you check that you have not included any piece of source code/ screenshot of the technical documents that are not already in the open source SDKs.

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