Using SDK for Wireless Management Frames


I want to be able to interact with low level Wireless Management Frames for my use cases as the current libraries are not sufficient enough for my project.

I have found some functions within the drivers area of the SDK that deal with management frames, however I cannot find where these functions are implemented in c/cpp code, only prototypes in h files.

Can someone please point me to where I can start looking at for low level wireless functionality?


Something like this GitHub - Jeija/esp32-80211-tx: Send arbitrary IEEE 802.11 frames with Espressif's ESP32 but for the RTL8720dn ?

Hi @pointertonull, all the open-source code can be found here: GitHub - ambiot/ambd_sdk: Release SDK for AmebaD . As it is an open source SDK, some of the source code might not be released and remains private, which means you are unable to see the .c file (source code).