RTL8720DN - Is 802.11 frame injection possible?

Hi all,

I need to achieve connectionless, low-latency point-to-point wireless transmission of a video signal. I cannot rely on a traditional wifi infrastructure with Access Point to do this. Therefore I want to directly inject 802.11 frames at the sender, and capture them at the receiver.

I am successfully using the RTL8720DN in wifi promiscuous mode with the Arduino SDK (3.0.8) to receive 802.11 frames. Now I need to be able to transmit those frames as well. Unfortunately in the wifi API I couldn’t find any explicit function to do this.

Hence my simple question: how can I inject 802.11 frames with the RTL8720DN ?

Thanks for help !

Hi frame injection is not supported under Arduino framework, as you can see, there is not API provided for such feature.

If you wanna dive deeper into the WiFi driver, you may wanna take a look of the Ameba D Standard SDK at GitHub - ambiot/ambd_sdk: SDK for AmebaD

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your reply. I have looked throughout the AmebaD SDK, unfortunately I was not able to identify anything that would explicitly allow me to inject frames, nor could I find relevant examples. All examples provided use either Station or Access Point modes, which is not appropriate to what I am willing to do.

However there may be some non-obvious way to inject frames, maybe when the driver is in promiscuous mode. Can you please help me identify how I should proceed?

Thanks !