Transceiver Mode Operation

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We have an IoT application which requires the use of the Realtek WiFi + BLE combo RTL8722DM module, to go into AP mode with HTML server and host a user setting webpage. Then we would like the WiFi module to go into transceiver mode to send and receive raw 802 WiFi packages. This is because we have devised a very simple light weight proprietary communication protocol that is supposed to be very low power, simple and without requiring us to set up a WiFi network.

We need to be able to select a channel on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, set the data rate and send and receive packets. It would be very important if we could setup Rx filters that filters package that have a specific header pattern. This would allow use to filter out all ‘normal’ WiFi packets and focus only on our proprietary communication protocol.

We wish to develop on IAR Workbench using the Standard SDK. However there doesn’t appear to be any documentation on how to access the WiFi and Bluetooth transceiver themselves to craft raw packets and send and receive them.

Is what I am describing achievable with the Ameba RTL8722DM using the Standard SDK.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for considering Realtek solution~ As you may be aware–the open-source Ameba Standard SDK only contains the necessary source code and the rest is static library, there is no much room to improvise, especially when comes to WLAN driver. As for your request,

This is not achieveable under the open-source Standard SDK, BUT you may sign NDA with Realtek and get direct technical support for your request, I believe with the NDA SDK and the direct technical support, such feature should be achieveable

Hi xidameng.

Thank you for your reply. We would be happy to sign an NDA between our company and Realtek, for direct technical support. Could you please forward me the best contact person for me to make arrangements with?


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Sure thing, I have already notified a Realtek FAE, you will be contacted on this forum soon