How can I use LTE/4g?

We are researching a product that uses amb82 mini to receive video wirelessly and analyze it with AI. Previously, wifi was used, but due to the nature of industrial sites, wifi signals cannot reach everywhere. Also, once the system is completed, it will not be possible to cover it with a Wi-Fi network because hundreds of devices will be used. That’s why I’m looking for a way to receive video via LTE. Does the amb82 mini have a compatible module capable of LTE communication like the esp32? Even a third-party board is fine.

I think you need to go to the official website to check the pin diagram of the wifi chip. If the USB interface is supported, you can use a free drive USB card network card module to access the Internet. This interface is generally available for wifi chips. I’m not sure whether the module of AMB82 has a separate outlet. If not, you can also use wireless hotspot trunking to achieve wireless network access.

The question is, is there a compatible LTE communication module such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi? It is intended to be used in environments where Wi-Fi or Internet is not available.

There are many, you can search for wireless network cards with SIM card slots or LTE Cat 4 wireless communication modules. There are many types of packaging, and I have used an EC20 module before. In my impression, REALTEK has such a module with its own data card slot, but in short, there are quite a few.
If you need to be compatible with some controllers such as ARDUINO, then the controller needs to have at least a network port pin or support USB interface function, or I understand that your usage environment only requires a hotspot relay that can be networked.

Hi @pcw0915,

@ren_yucheng is right that that are many existing LTE modules out there. Previously there is some maker that has integrated SIM7600CE-T_4G (SIM7600CE-T_4G(LTE)_Shield_V1.0_SKU_TEL0124-DFRobot) with other realtek boards such as Ameba1, but that was years ago and was successful. You can give it a try to integrate this with AMB82 Mini.

Would love to hear from you if you had any success with this module!