About AMB82-Mini remote function

Hi, I want to use AMB82-Mini to send and receive calls remotely via Wifi on my mobile phone. For example, the mobile phone uses a microphone for voice dialogue, and the AMB82-Mini receives it and plays it through an external speaker. How can I achieve this?

It is very hard to create a decoder/receive driver of getting the signal data from the phone to a wifi device which is ameba board. Currently this function has not supported yet. You can submit the encoder for community to have a look at it.

Does AMB82Mini support the use of WebRTC or SIP?

If I want to use Websocket or WebRTC, is there any relevant code or how to do it?

Hi @zx0809449021,

Right now, Arduino SDK do not support the use of WebRTC or SIP. You could create a feature request in our github repository Issues · ambiot/ambpro2_arduino · GitHub. We can see if this feature is feasible to be ported over and if our schedule permits.

Thank you.