LTE module Video UART


Our application requires an LTE modem connected to a UART port (over PPP). Is there a method of routing AMB82 RTSP A/V stream through the UART/LTE module instead of WiFi? Can you provide some guidance on how to accomplish this?

Hi @Daniel_Osorio, if you are looking for PPPos, previously other user request for this feature as well.

After trying, we found that the lower-level code might not be fully developed, as previously no user or customer requested this feature.


Is there any estimate of when this might get fixed/developed? also, would it be possible to output the RTSP stream to the PPP interface with the existing stream APIs?

Hi @Daniel_Osorio, currently there’s no estimated time when this feature will be ready as it has to be discussed internally. And no, not possible to stream to PPP interface for now.