4g lte hat for bw16

Hello All,

Has anyone ever tried spinning up a 4g lte hat for the bw16 module. is it possible for the BW16 module to accomplish this. RasPi can do this of course.


As long as its pin are rated at 3.3V, it should work just as RasPi which is also a 3.3V device

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I have seen maker playing with LTE module in the Facebook group, but I can’t quite find where he posted it

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Thank you,Did you ever find thread on maker,using LTE hat? AM very interested in this,
I looked seen nothing,


Hi, this thread is from a while ago, but I think it’s relevent — a maker tried to mount a 4G lTE module on Ameba 1, but the program didn’t work, it was later that he realised the code isn’t correctly configured and the power was not enough(merely using the 3V3 pin from the dev board).

I think he fixed the issue and got it working eventually

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@brcisna , sorry, I forgot to paste the link,

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