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What if Arduino IDE on Ubuntu is unable to locate or detect the com port on AMB82 Mini development board?

To check if the port is detected, plug in your board and key in ls /dev/tty*.
You may refer to Bug #1970408 “brltty package disconnecting ttyUSB0 used for Ardu...” : Bugs : brltty package : Ubuntu.

  1. Run sudo lsusb in the terminal.
  2. Look for ID in the log. Take the ID for Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub.
  3. Edit file /etc/brltty.conf. To open brltty.conf file, you may use this command open /etc/brltty.conf.
  4. Look for “braille-device usb:0000:0000 #Specific USB device by serial number.”
  5. Replace “usb:0000:0000” with the ID shown on your Terminal. For eg: “braille-device usb:1d6b:0002 #Specific USB device by serial number.” and save the file.
  6. To check if the port is detected, plug in your board and key in ls /dev/tty*.

I am unable to compile on Ubuntu, what should I do for AMB82 Mini development board?

A: For AmebaPro2, you need to have Ubuntu version 22 and above (Linux). For Ubuntu versions below version 22, Arduino is unable to support some libraries used for AmebaPro2.

What if I get the following error: ~/.arduino15/packages/realtek/tools/ameba_pro2_tools/ permission denied?

A: For Ameba Pro2 users on Ubuntu OS, cd (change directory) to / tool folder first, followed by a chmod 777 -R ./ command for granting permission.


What is the cause of encountering a blue screen when I connect the board to my computer?

A: If your board uses FTDI driver, it’s possible that you’ve installed an incorrect version of the FT232 driver.

The blue screen error indicated an issue with “ftser2k.sys,” which is associated with FTDI’s FT232 driver. Upon searching online, it can be found that the error was related to the driver released by FTDI (FT232).

To resolve the issue, you may visit the official FTDI website and download the latest driver installation wizard. This wizard would update both the Bus/D2XX and VCP drivers. After updating these drivers, the issue will be resolved.

You can find more information and download the drivers from this link: Drivers - FTDI