Braille? What is this?

Can someone explain to me why I have to mess with brltty configuration to use this device under linux?

This seems like a hack and makes me wonder how professional this device is. I cannot explain to my customers that they need to deal with braille configuration. It will make me look like an idiot.


This is a known issue for Arduino boards and this is a broad topic for discussion.

You may refer to Article suggestion: missing port on Linux caused by interference from BRLTTY · Issue #155 · arduino/help-center-content · GitHub.

If in the case you really need braille, you may refer to try out potential solutions to see if it work for you.

Thank you.

I just checked and I don’t have brltty installed. I’ve never encountered this issue with any embedded device before.

Hi @JakeSays,

What is the exact issue that you are facing?

Thank you.

@Kelvin_Huang I was mistaken. I do have brltty installed, but it is not running. I am just trying to understand why brltty is still an issue if it isn’t running.

Hi @JakeSays,

Some Linux distros have a pre-installed application named BRLTTY that interfaces the terminal with braille displays. These displays use a serial port for communication with the computer. Unfortunately, BRLTTY assumes that the port from any general purpose USB to serial adapter is a braille display and takes over the ports. If the port is actually of an Arduino board, this causes the port to not appear in the Arduino IDE ports list.