AmebaxArduino Book --Page21

Follow the command :

1.Paste the link to Arduino setup
2.Check the Tool -> Board Manager
It can not find the Ameba 8195 Board
How should I fix it ? Call Help.

refer to

you can use “
for the latest version SDK

For your link, the “Master” should be “master”, if you are seeking old version SDK.

Also see bellow,

Arduino Ameba package v1.0.0 to v2.0.5
Arduino Ameba package v2.0.6 and above

Thanks a lot,It is done.

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Does this typo issue come from the book or just an error when you post on the web?

Hi, Michael
Follow the Book. Step by step.
I am a new commer on the Arduino

Michael Zhang via Realtek Ameba IOT Developers Forum (RTL872281958710) - IOT / MCU Solutions <> 於 2020年12月24日 週四 下午5:12寫道: