The document on ambd bsp lib

Hello, guys,
I’m new developer on Ameba-D. Now, I’m trying the examples in example_entry.c. Most frequently question now is my confusion on low-level BSP struct or functions.
E.g, in component\common\example\get_beacon_frame\example_get_beacon_frame.c, there’s global extern get_beacon_frame_callback, which I guess is a callback in BSP code. But, I don’t know any details on it. So, I wonder if there’s some document on those bsp interface, which will ease the life.

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Take a look at this page

Hello Xida,
I checked those documents, but it seems that they are for AmebaD peripheral, do not include wifi or bluetooth. Or, maybe I missed some thing, please point it. Thanks!


Have you checked this pdf at just the next folder?

it seems that this pdf is aimed for ble related bsp lib interface. but, my question is on wifi interface. so, I’m not sure these content has been published yet. Anyway, thanks again.

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Hi @Jeffery

More detailed techinal documents have to be obtained from FAE or regional sales representative after sign an NDA

It’s Okay to know the wifi interface protected by NDA, while the bluetooth is there.
After visiting site, I couldn’t find FAE contact or regional sales info on it. Could you guide me the sale info on ameba product line?

BTW: I strongly suggest to publish wifi related docs on github, after all, the code has already been open sourced. One more step to open the doc is win-win to the developer community and product itself.


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Hi, I will contact you soon in private chat