Ameba Arduino wifi examples

Hello All,

rtlduino rtl8720dn (X 4 )

After using the ambd_sdk for a few weeks now , started trying some of the sketches in the Arduino IDE.
I may be missing something but i can not get a one of the wifi examples to work. After successful upload,and in the serial monitor,only see the 'calibration_ok ] ### ’ , with a couple rouge characters on the second line and that is all.
The rtlduino never shows up as an access point ,webserver etc.
All the other examples works as expected.

can you be more specific about the Wi-Fi examples you tried but failed?


Arduino IDE > File>Examples>AmebaWifi>>>>> ( All of the wifi examples here), none of them work, They all end up with the 'calibrating ###. in the serial terminal.After ‘successfully uploaded"’.
I am probaly missing something but tried every one of them,with same result.



I apologize a million times.
I did not take my jumpers for flashing out of breadboard,it all .
I have never had to do this with the ambd_sdk and using picocom.
I am seeing serial output now,am still not seeing anything listed for access point though in wifi avaliability, Am still very green to this.


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Glad it works for you :slight_smile:

For AP, you can name your AP uniquely so that you can find it easier