JXR37 is EOL

The Singular supported sensor for the AMB-82 code base is reported EOL and missing from the manufacturer website.

Could we get the replacement supported/tested?


I’m freaking out about this - because it kills any hope of moving ahead with this product line unless it is addressed.

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti ,

Firstly, AMB82-MINI is using a JXF37 lens instead of the JKR37 indicated in your post title. You may still find it on https://www.soinc.com.tw/product/introduction/22.

Secondly, please check HUB8735 which currently using another FHD 1080P CMOS camera sensor with RTL8735B Module. You can ask for details of the specs under their GitHub.

Thank you

Thanks I fixed the Title.
I am informed by the camera module manufacturer that the R37P would require software update from R37 but I cannot confirm.

Is the R37P available in pinout for amb-82?

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti ,

Thanks for updating.

Meanwhile, we are internally confirming whether AMB82 will support other camera modules such as R37P.
We will get back to you once there is an update.

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti,

We have checked and confirmed that the camera module currently used for AMB82 MINI board, which is also the one that you are currently having is JX-F37P. Therefore, you may purchase JX-F37P for your board.

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti, may I know if you have any particular reasons for wanting to purchase the camera module?