Camera Options for the AMB82

Ideas about how to connect a camera other than the camera included in the EVB?

Does the Arduino SDK support more camera models than the one provided?

For those wondering AMB82 EVB ships with JX-F37 camera.

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti, for the current AMB82-Mini board, Arduino SDK only supports JXF37 camera. Thank you.

May I ask if the JX-F37 is available in any other shape?

Is this the case for the Standard SDK as well?

Thanks so much.

Hi @Benjamin_Gatti, for Arduino SDK, it only supports JXF37 camera in one shape.
And yes, for Standard SDK, it also only supports the JXF37 camera. You may refer to “sensor.h” file ( in the open source SDK. The file will include all the supported camera sensors. However, Standard SDK is managed by another team. You may open an issue on GitHub should you require any assistance regarding Standard SDK. Thank you :slight_smile:

In researching the purchase of the JXF37 also called JX-F37 and referred to as F37, I am informed that this sensor is EOL (End of Life).

Given this, could we request confirmation that AMB-82 will work with the recommended replacement R37P , JX-R37P , JXR37P ?