AMB82 mini - adding a new camera sensor

The Camera module in the SDK is supported by the binary files located in the directory “ambpro2_sdk-main\component\soc\8735b\fwlib\rtl8735b\lib\source\ram\video\voe_bin”

What are the steps to create such files for a new camera sensor? Or, is this something that can only be done by the RTK engineering team?

Hi @kbbayat ,

May I know if you are using Standard SDK or Arduino SDK for your project?

Adding a new camera sensor can only be supported by our engineering team but is subjected to a case-by-case basis and requires internal discussion.

Possible camera sensors that can be supported are as follows:

May I know which camera sensor you are looking for?

Hi Pammy,
Thanks for the response. I am using the standard SDK, but can switch to the other SDK if needed.
The image sensor that we are interested is OV02B10: (with 7-bit I2C address of 0x3C)


Dear Pammyleong,
I plan to use IMX327 with AMB82 mini and Arduino SDK.
Is it well supported ?
Many thanks.

Hi @kbbayat and @ameba_lover ,

You can raise a feature request on GitHub (GitHub - ambiot/ambpro2_arduino: AmebaPro2 Arduino third-party package SDK) under issues with your project/ application details.

Currently Arduino SDK only supports JXF37P and GC5035 camera sensor.

Thank you.