Is amebad_image_tool open source?

Just a newbie question.
I am a bit curious about the UART flash loading for the RTL8720 chip/module. (I try not to jump to SWD at the moment)

After scouring through the Arduino port for the RTL8720 library, the uploading mechanism seems to be done through the “amebad_image_tool” executable program.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the source for this uploading tool.
Just like to know if anyone

  1. Come across the source?
  2. Come across any documentation from realtek on the uart uploading protocol for this chip/module?

Thank you :slight_smile:

unfortunately, the uploading protocol is not open source.

but from a logic analyzer, you can kind of see that it alternates between 115200 and 1500000 baud

Thanks appreciate your input, I was so afraid the answer would be to go the reverse engineering/sniffing route.