Automatic Programmer - UART_DOWNLOAD

Has anybody developed a simple programmer that works without the manual “pushbutton” intervention. I am new to the AMEBDA family. I find the mix of features plus dual band wifi appealing. I have ordered a couple of RTL8722DM IoT Development boards for our team to start development work. I have already received a few B&T BW16 modules for our prototypes. Studying the data Amebda-d Application Notes, I see there is an image download process called UART_DOWNLOAD. Looks like the tool is complete except I am wondering if anybody has developed a simple circuit that pulls PA7 to ground followed by a RESET, then releases PA7. One thing that is also not clear is “RESET”. Can I activate “RESET” by taking “CHIP_EN” low then returning high again. I can’t find another RESET input although the text in the Application notes refers to removing power and re-powering the board. I am looking for something a bit smoother. We can design a circuit, but I was hoping somebody else has created a simple solution already.
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Hi @chucklink ,

Glad to hear you like the features that Ameba D provides, please note that for hardware information, you may refer to our Layout and schematic on the official website.

Also, manual intervation is only required when uploading image using UART, if you are comfortable with JLINK or SWD, then no manual intervention is required and such tools are already provided in the standard SDK that you have (under tool directory)

Hope this clear some doubts~

Hi @chucklink

Yes, pulling CHIP_EN low will put the RTL8722DM into reset, and releasing CHIP_EN to high will reboot the chip.
You can find more information about the pins in the datasheet from the website.

@chucklink FYI, if you ever want to enter UART_DOWNLOAD mode from the firmware itself, you can do so programmatically.