RTL8721DM and Photon 2

Hello. I am new here and I apologize if this question is inappropriate for this forum.

The new Particle Photon 2, which contains a RTL8721DM plus macronix flash, appears to be a nice packaging of Realtek technology in a form that is production-quality. We have customers who would, however, like to potentially use the Arduino IDE.

Might it be possible for the maintainers of the Ameba Arduino support library to consider creating a variant that will work with the Photon 2?

Alternatively - and perhaps this is a better solution - is there a way to build and use the native Ameba libraries for Photon 2 as a target?

Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @reo,

Thanks for your message and welcome to AmebaIoT Forum. :laughing:

As you mentioned about a new board Particle Photon2 which contains RTL8721DM. However, currently, our team does not have the hardware yet to help with the hardware porting verification.

While waiting for this board, I can provide information that you could provide to your customer for porting Particle Photon2 into the AmebaD Arduino environment.

Our open-source AmebaD Arduino SDK is here

  1. Upper lever board information is defined under board.txt: ambd_arduino/Arduino_package/hardware/boards.txt at dev · ambiot/ambd_arduino · GitHub. Importing Particle Photon2 relevant information here could help with displaying the board in the Arduino IDE menu.
  2. Detailed lower-level pin mapping and board definition were contained under the /variants folder.
    ambd_arduino/Arduino_package/hardware/variants at dev · ambiot/ambd_arduino · GitHub.

    From this folder, you might need to create a new folder following the board’s name and modify the following settings based on the hardware:
    • linker_scripts
    • pin_arduino.h
    • variant.cpp
    • variant.h

Alternatively, you can choose ambd_sdk (the open-sourced standard SDK) instead of using Arduino SDK GitHub - ambiot/ambd_sdk: Release SDK for AmebaD.
Without extra porting efforts, you can simply follow the guide to build the image and use the image tool to upload the image to your board.

Thank you.

You may want to refer AmebaD matter
This repo is for AmebaD, BW16 is also a part of AmebaD.