Arduino IDE board data for RTL8720DF

Dose someone know anything in board manager for rtl8720df or compatible board ?

Hi @kkuma

can you provide any information on the RTL8720DF board you are referring to?

Hi, wyy
thank you for reply. I am not familiar with board design. let me check.

Hi @kkuma

If you are talking about WLAN/BLE related functions, you can just test with Arduino IDE, Board → AMB23 or AMB21, they work all the same in terms of wireless functions

Most of GPIO should also work out of the box

Hello xidameng
thank you for advise.
our sdk board for trl8722dm worked with AMB23 board data. so as you mention, I will try this abm23 compatible sdk board for trl8720df because trl8720df board is connected to this sdk board through connector.

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I could download ambd_sdk into rtl8722dm by imageTool and succeeded in using command.
But failded to to download for rtl8720df module with “Err: Flashloader download fail” comment.
Any options needed in ambd_sdk or not available for 8720df ?

Could you show us how the RTL8720DF is connected in your circuit? and have you followed the instructions on this page to set RTL8720DF into UART Download mode?

The way based on hardware reset is a manual method to download images, and it is the primary and recommended method.
– Enter into UART_DOWNLOAD mode.
a) Push the UART DOWNLOAD button and keep it pressed.
b) Re-power on the board or press the Reset button.
c) Release the UART DOWNLOAD button.
Now, Ameba board gets into UART_DOWNLOAD mode and is ready to receive data.

you can check if its in UART Download mode by opening a serial terminal and set the baudrate to 115200, you should see some characters being sent from Ameba repeatedly

also, can we know which version of image tool used? can you approach the supporting RTK FAE/Agent to get latest version?

Hi, thank you for your help.
The image tool version is v2.3.2 and I tried getting into down load mode, but no reaction
was found on serial terminal. Maybe the board has any wrong wiring ?

Then can you provide a simple illustration for your circuit connnections?

Hi, the design is not provided.
ic uart_rx, tr signal go to uart-usb converter, then usb terminal. I am checking the circuit.

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If you have a circuit that works well with RTL8722DM, then you can use the same circuit on RTL8720DF, they should work the same

Hi, thank you. we will try again.