Unable to upload an image

When I try to upload I get

C:\Users\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_d_tools\1.0.7/upload_image_tool_windows.exe C:\Users\Evgeny\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\realtek\tools\ameba_d_tools\1.0.7 COM7 
Please enter the upload mode (wait 5s)
Uploading.....error: Enter Uart Download Mode
Image tool closed!
.    Upload Image done. 

What can be a problem?

I see. There is a procedure - press S1 press SW1, release S1 release SW1.

Which module or development board BW16 (RTL8720DN) or RTL8722DM are you using?
It does not seem to be in burn-in mode. Please check if the UART pins are correct or first ground LOG_TX and then press RESET before releasing LOG_TX to connect to the USB to Serial chip (FT232H, CH340, etc.)

It’s RTL8722_MINI board. Yes you are right. In order to burn I have to use two buttons - ENA(S1) and LOAD(SW1).

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