[Help Needed] Connecting OV5640 Lens with AMB82 Mini Board

I am trying to connect OV5640 wide angle Lens 200 degree FoV, but end up unsuccessfully.
I need help, if someone already figure it out.

Hi @Sid ,
This board currently does not support any other external lens yet except JXF-37P. If you are using OV5640 Arduino library, you might need to port this library from existing Arduino/ESP library to AMB82. Besides, dedicated voe.bin, iq_ov5640.bin …etc needs to be generated accordingly…(it is a bit tedious and requires a lot of extra work for Arduino users)

May I know except for wider FoV, why would you want to choose OV5640 sensor?


Thanks @dakamaster for responding to my query,
The second reason is, i am using a 15cm long cable with ov5640. Is it possible to get the JXF37 lens with some custom specifications?

Hi @Sid,
For your question, I am afraid you need to consult customer support from JXF37 lens manufacturers: https://www.soinc.com.tw/en