Small size camera module options

Hi, I’m trying to build a portable video and audio recorder with AMBMINI-82, and trying to find a smaller camera to replace the one that comes with the board. I know officially it only supports the F37 sensor but it’s impossible to find one with a smaller profile. Might be a dumb question but is it possible to hook it up with something like a ov5640?

Hi @CAA23,

If it is connected by MIPI connector, it can be connected to the camera. However, there is no driver support for that camera. Therefore a lot of functionalities will be limited. Most likely it will not work.

Thank you.

Is it possible to self-develop a driver for the ov5640 driver? Or possible to request official support on the sensor? I really want to use a small-size camera on the board.

Hi @CAA23,

It may be possible, but it requires a lot of understanding about the SDK. It is highly unlikely that we will port a new camera unless there is a high demand or for mass production use cases. In these cases, most likely you will receive more specialized technical support.

Thank you for your understanding.