Camera sensor module

Is it possible to replace the provided camera with an other one dvp or mipi compatible?
I would like to use a IR camera for night vision .

I think you can try it out. I have used an extension cable and adapter to extend the camera module. If the pins are correct, it should be possible to do so. In addition, the official seems to support image parameter adjustment recently. I have watched the latest official videos, which have switched between grayscale mode and day night mode. You can also replace the lens with the same interface without changing the sensor.

Hi @AI_Test, currently changing of camera sensor is not supported. You can try out the new features ISP adjustment in our SDK which you can set it to night mode.

Input in Preference and install 4.0.6-build20231220. ISP Control related API and demo will be included in this pre release.

Many thanks for your answer.

Does the current camera sensor IR capable?

No, the camera module currently is a fixed-focus module, and the lens used does not include any IR-related mechanisms.

Will it be in the future? Is this currently in the works? I’d like to be able to use a camera for a restricted fov and higher resolution

I am testing the IR cut and zoom lens, and it seems to be no problem now

I think what I am currently doing can provide you with some reference