Removing lens of AMB86-MINI to remove IR filter and placing an IR cut filter

Hi. I’d like to make the AMB86-MINI night vision. I haven’t bought one yet, I wanna make sure first if it’s possible to make it night vision.

To make it night vision, I want to first remove its lens to remove the IR filter. Then, I’m gonna use a lens mount with an IR cut filter (similar to the image shown below) to be able to remove and place an IR filter on command. Lastly, I’m gonna reattach the lens on the mount.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to remove the lens of the AMB86-MINI? I can see from pictures and videos that there is some kind of hot glue attaching the lens to the camera. Is it safe to remove it? What method would you recommend to remove it?

  2. How big is the JX-F37 camera module attached to the AMB86-MINI? Can the lens fit in an M12 lens mount (like in the attached picture)? If not, how would you recommend attaching an IR cut filter to the camera?

  3. Can you do a tutorial on this?

I am currently working on this task. I have tested the lens with an adjustable focal length M12 interface and it has been tested to be feasible. Of course, a variable focus lens requires an infrared filter. I am trying to replace the lens holder of AMB82’s M12 interface with a glue remover, replacing it with an M14 directly inserted lens holder, and installing a lens that can be focused by a motor, including IR-CUT. If there is any progress, I will send it out to everyone to see.

I replaced the original lens holder with a glue remover and installed an IR-CUT and zoom lens. I manually adjusted the focal length and tested the actual image effect, as shown in the near and far focus images. I think there is basically no problem. I designed a circuit to drive the zoom lens and IR-CUT. When I get the circuit board, I will use the iIC of amb82 to drive the zoom and filter. What will be the actual test results.

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