BW15-kit RTL8720CF

Hello friends,
I am new to RTLDuino programming and I want to start investigating the route of Realtek MCU Development.
I got my first RTL8720DN and after reading posts on the internet and understanding the board I am working with I am now able to use it with Arduino. I have seen several places that had different approach to this board and I was able to combine them into one helpful tutorial of which I used and successfully was able to use it with Arduino - with the help of the professional developers that creates the boards to be used with Arduino.

I have just got a new board from my friend to use with Arduino - BW15-Kit RTL8720CF.
I have not seen any tutorial on the internet on how to develop for it with Arduino. I also could not find the right position to put the two jumpers on the dev board. (I know only that they connect the RX and TX with log when they are at the Programming position and that the UART is connecting Rx with TXD0 and Tx with RXD0 - But not sure I understand how to move forward from here since I don’t know the functionality of the buttons on the board)

The only thing I was able to understand was how to use AT commands to connect with it and to connect it with my WiFi Network. But I could not use the DownloadServer from the ambd_sdk tools to upload the OTA file since I could not create one using Arduino - the board is not there :frowning:

I want to know if any of you had worked with this board (BT4.2) and was able to program it?
I would be happy to know and learn more about the RTL boards that finally I was able to start learning and understanding - I want to be able to work with WiFi 5 and not only WiFi 2.4 as well.

I am sure that this is the place to learn all I need about Relatek Dev Boards and how to work with them in Arduino IDE as well as in other platforms :slight_smile:

This is the board I am referring to:

BW15-Kit Link
The PDF is not in English so it is hard for me to follow.

I would be happy to learn this board and be happy to have any assistance that the pros in this forum can provide.

Thank YOU!

The RTL8720CF belongs to a different chip series, the AmebaZ2, and not the AmebaD series, as seen here. It has a different CPU configuration and does not include support for 5GHz WiFi.

As such, you cannot use the ambd_sdk with it, since it is fundamentally a different chip and is incompatible. You should be looking at ambz2_sdk.
For the same reason, the RTL8720CF is also not yet supported in Arduino.

Personally, I have noticed that the BW15-KIT development board connects DTR and RTS on the CH340 to reset and download mode, in a way that seems to make it hard to use with regular image upload tools.

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Thanks @wyy for the explanation.

I have downloaded the ambz2_sdk and was able to connect AT command to the BW15 board and I have tried to upload an OTA.bin file (that I have created using Arduino for the STL8720DN ) just for the test and it looks on the PC side that it has been received a request to upload the file - BUT on the side of the Board it did no do anything - the image that was provided by the seller still there.

I connected the board to my PC using FTDI and then I was able to use the terminal for connecting it using AT command to my Wifi Network and also I was able to get wifi information and IP of the board.
Then I used ATSO with the IP and Port of my PC to request an OTA file to be uploaded
But, since it was NOT made for the RTL8720CF - I am sure that nothing was really uploaded.

I would be happy to see this board in Arduino and be able to create an OTA file for it - the image tools for the ambz2 is NOT the same as the one for ambad - I was hoping to follow as much as the same process I went with the RTL8720DN, but on the look of the image tools for the z2 version - it does not look the same.

I will be happy to learn more about the RTL family boards and I will be happy to work with them as well. I am happy that I have joined this forum to learn the best way and understand this family - this is the RIGHT place :slight_smile:

I will be happy to see the TRLDuino family grows into more boards in Arduino
As I have seen in your reply - “yet not supported” hope it will be supported soon

Thank you!!!

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Thanks for your support! @aryeduino :slight_smile: