Arduino board support

I installed Realtek Ameba Boards package. It supports RTL819A, RTL8710, RTL8711 only.
I have RTL8722DM - it was suggested as an Arduino development board. What should I do?

The package you have installed is for the Ameba1 series of boards.
For the RTL8722DM, the package you want to install is here, you can also refer to this getting started guide.

Thank you. What IDE do we have besides Arduino? May be plugin to Eclipse?

If you use the SDK instead of Arduino, the IAR IDE is also available, or you can choose to import the source files into an editor/IDE of your choice

IAR is costly. This is the question - how to import the SDK to any IDE.

Official support and project files are only available for IAR.

I see. Thank you. But when I open IAR for ARM (8.42) - I don’t have the chip (RTL8722) in the list.
What version includes the chip?

IAR version should be at least 8.30.
I believe the target is a generic M33/M23 core instead of listing the chip name specifically, with chip-specific configurations done in the project files.
You can refer to AN0400 Application note for IAR setup.

Thank you.