AmebaZ2 PGTool for Linux for ARM processor

Hello, new to the forum :). I’m building a testbench for our Realtek product and we need to load the image using the AmebaZ2 PGTool through UART (we have no other way). It runs well on a Windows and a Linux PC, but not on a Raspberry Pi. I suspect that is because of the processor architecture (an ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit rather than an intel x86) of the device in which the tool runs. So I was wandering, do you have a compatible tool for running it on an ubuntu-based Raspberry Pi? Could I have access to its source code to rebuild it on a Raspberry Pi (hence make it compatible for it)?

Any info will be aprreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi Guillermo_Puchalt,

you are right in that the PGTool not working is probably due to the ARM processor on the raspberry pi. However, there is no ARM compatible tool, and the source code cannot be released publicly. If you are dealing in a large volume of product, or have access to contact a Realtek internal Field Application Engineer (FAE), I would suggest contacting Realtek corporate technical support to see if they can assist in solving this issue.

I was affraid of so, but I understand that is not released publicly. Could there be any chance of releasing a versión of the PGTool already compiled for ARM processors?