Firmware Flashing Tools Compiled for ARM?

I know this is probably a long shot, but I was wondering if there’s a way we could get a firmware flashing tool (uartfwburn.linux) that can run on ARM? Specifically, on ARMhf (arm-linux-gnueabihf), but I’m sure other users, especially people using Raspberry Pis and its alternatives, might also appreciate an ARM64 bin.

Previously, I was able to use a small-ish AMD64 computer to upload firmware to the AMB82-Mini remotely (using a script that uses uartfwburn.linux to flash an flash_ntz.nn.bin file downloaded from a development server). However, with our project moving forward to the next phase of field testing, we need to fit the AMB82-Mini dev board into a much smaller space. Since OTA isn’t implemented yet, and it might be a while before we get that functionality, I’m considering using some of the Rasbperry Pico-sized ARMhf Linux dev boards I had lying around for testing to do the remote firmware flashing.

I tried using QEMU-user to emulate an AMD64 environment, but QEMU defaults to a 115200 baud rate and uartfwburn has trouble setting it to anything other than 115200 after the handshake. This seems to somewhat work for flashing smaller partial images, but it takes incredibly long on larger images and seems to have a very high chance of failure.

I understand that there might be proprietary reasons not to release the uartfwburn source as part of the SDK, so if we could at least get precompiled bins for ARM, that would be much appreciated.

Edited to add: Field tests for my project are located in a factory 12 hours away from where I’m located, that’s why it’s critically important that I implement some sort of OTA solution (whether native or a roundabout solution like I’ve been using).

You can refer the tools and source code at misc folder.

For OTA request it is already under our porting list. You can also rise a request here to speed up it.