[AmebaD] Will NG km4_application cause "Download active application" get fail?

*** sdk: ambd_sdk-dev- V1.0.1
*** build: IAR

*** description/flows:

I only revise codeI only revise code on the km4_application.
I think I might get my “km4_application” running crazy/lost…
after I download my km4 app, my two AmebaD boards cannot download-code any more.
I try to use a pure “ambd_sdk-dev- V1.0.1” project.
I pick a new AmebaD board.
Same PC/Jlink can do the code download on this consition.
I think my “km4_application” code make the code download NG. Maybe the SWD interface been turned off or …

Is there a method of bring back these two boards ? **
( In my memory, for the Ameba solution, I can short some pins on the FLASH. Forcing the chip enters some default state. then I can do the code download.)

Or, any other suggestion ?

Thanks a lot!


You can try this:

  1. If your board has a UART_DOWNLOAD button, press the button, reset the board, release the button
  2. If your board does not have the button, connect pin PA_7 to GND and reset the board, disconnect pin PA_7
  3. On the LOG_UART serial terminal, you should see #Flash Download Start, disconnect from the serial port
  4. You can now use the image tool to upload a new image, or erase the current image in flash
  5. To only erase the KM4 image, use the flash erase section, with an address of 0x08006000 and a size of 2048 KB

If you do not need to use JLink to debug, you can consider using the image tool to upload the IAR image, since this method cannot be disabled accidentally.

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Dear wyy,

Great Helps…

Thank you very much !!!