Debug using IAR on BW16 module

Hello, guys,
Just begin to study and develop wifi application on BW16 module. After reading the AN 0400, I try to debug by step with IAR project. My sdk is downloaded the latest code from github(GitHub - ambiot/ambd_sdk: SDK for AmebaD). The IAR version is 8.32.1.

I didn’t change anything in sdk, just open km4_application -is, then rebuild-all, the build process seems well. Then, I try to debug without downloading.
The IAR pop the error as below.

I clicked OK to ignore this (actually, I tried to change setting in Tools->Options->Stack->Stack pointers…, this couldn’t help anything) The Jlink could break the cpu running, but any opearation on step debug not work. Because BW16 has shipped with existing fw, the km0 application is there. I am thinking if the Jlink reset km4 correctly or some special setting for this case.

Thanks advance for any suggestion or help!

more information on jlink debug break, the debuger will stop on below

But, if you click step over/step into/… , none of these functions work as expect.

After building, did you upload the compiled firmware before trying “debug without downloading”?
I might be misunderstanding, but it seems like the BW16 is running on the shipped firmware, while you are trying to debug the code compiled in IAR, is this correct?

The meaning of "did you upload the compiled firmware before trying debug without downloading” is to download the binary in flash before debug?
I have same suspicion as you, but, the application note doesn’t mention to upload compiled FW.
I will try it soon, update what I found.

Yes, if you are using IAR and are connected using a JLINK debug probe, you can download using Project > Download > Download active application, shown in chapter 6.3.3 of the application note. Alternatively, you may also choose to use the image tool, shown in chapter 8 of the application note.

I erase the old binary, and follow the method you suggested. Now, I could debug the code as expected, thanks a lot!