AmebaD Evaluation board is not detecting by Jlink


I am using Realtek AmebaD evolution board to explore Matter protocol feature for Thermostat applications. I could build and flash the device with thermostat example application , referred the

“AN0204 Realtek Matter Application Note” to perform the same.

Now, I am trying to setup the Debug environment for the device. I am referring section 1.4 Setting Debugger section “AN0400Ameba-D Application Note” to perform the same.

The Jlink Debugger is detecting by Jlink script. However, The AmebaD device is not detected.


Linux OS version: Ubuntu 22.04.3

Debugger: Jlink Ultra +, Version 4.5

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Please find attached snapshot of log.



Hi @Lokraj ,

You may raise issue at GitHub - ambiot/ambd_matter: AmebaD public SDK to support Matter project for Matter related issues.

Thank you.