AMB82 MINI Error with RTSP

Hi, i´m using an AMB82 mini for a personal project.

I have a server mounted on the AMB82 mini board, it receives a string from another board and compares it with a list inside the micro SD card. If the comparison is satisfied, facial recognition begins. My problem is that after loading the code I get the following message from the serial monitor:

[video_voe_presetting] fps:30  w:1920  h:1080   

sensor id is bigger than isp_boot->p_fcs_ld_info.multi_fcs_cnt

hal_voe_ready 0x0 0x3f0000 

 read fcs_status 0x0000003f

[video_init] uvcd iq is null, use default.

[video_init] uvcd SNR is null, use default.

IQ:FW size (944526422)

Bus Fault: 
SCB Configurable Fault Status Reg = 0x00000400

Bus Fault Status: 
BusFault Address Reg is invalid(Asyn. BusFault)
Imprecise data bus error:
a data bus error has occurred, but the return address in the stack frame is not related to the instruction that caused the error.

S-domain exception from Handler mode, Standard Stack frame on S-MSP
Registers Saved to stack
R0  = 0x00000000
R1  = 0x00000040
R2  = 0x384c5456
R3  = 0xefdeadbe
R4  = 0x00000000
R5  = 0x383a0546
R6  = 0x99a599a5
R7  = 0x703a7194
R8  = 0x00000000
R9  = 0x00000000
R10 = 0x10101010
R11 = 0x11111111
R12 = 0x00000016
LR  = 0x70122d81
PC  = 0x701212dc
PSR = 0x2100000f

LR   = 0xfffffff1
MSP  = 0x20003fb0
PSP  = 0x703fd040
xPSR = 0x20000005
CFSR  = 0x00000400
HFSR  = 0x00000000
DFSR  = 0x00000000
MMFAR = 0x00000000
BFAR  = 0x00000000
AFSR  = 0x00000000
PriMask = 0x00000000
SVC priority: 0x00
PendSVC priority: 0xf0
Systick priority: 0xf0
MSP Data:
20003FB0:    00000000    00000040    384C5456    EFDEADBE
20003FC0:    00000016    70122D81    701212DC    2100000F
20003FD0:    7012CF10    FFFFFFED    70268DE4    FFFFFFF9
20003FE0:    20004000    000003E8    E000E000    70268DE4
20003FF0:    07070707    70122E75    70122EE8    21000000
20004000:    EFBBBDED    B5EF6FF2    A2CC01C6    F6F8DDF6
20004010:    FD9CFD5D    2E97FFF4    80B49BE1    1A7109FD
20004020:    A1EFFEDC    CFFF36FF    DAAA386A    62188A94
20004030:    FD9FDED9    BDDFDFC5    19B0F14F    25BA0C0D
20004040:    38BB8ADF    0D2B7FE3    A0CC3029    20801208
20004050:    BDB6EB6A    EBEF3F17    02C04263    01720980
20004060:    F9D9CC8B    CBF486AE    02992908    2300040D
20004070:    AFF3CB77    9B170FDF    28E3315E    22611E8C
20004080:    A3AE6BDF    79A1F979    3131E6AC    03C14C12
20004090:    BF9EFFFF    DD4C61C2    83808068    8B59C894
200040A0:    D3BF25FD    3E8ECEF9    684DA09C    28130A3E

PSP Data:
703FD040:    70008000    703A7194    384C5456    704CC0A4
703FD050:    00000016    201069C9    100219C8    21100000
703FD060:    00000000    00000000    00000000    00000000
703FD070:    00000000    00000000    00000000    00000000
703FD080:    34390000    36323534    0A323234    0076FB2F
703FD090:    20140328    703676D8    703A7194    00000000
703FD0A0:    00000000    10101010    70000000    7014592D
703FD0B0:    703676D8    703A7194    00000000    201069C9
703FD0C0:    00000000    70146369    00000000    70145933
703FD0D0:    00000000    70145A17    00000000    70008000
703FD0E0:    7019AA4D    384C5456    703A7194    703A7194
703FD0F0:    703E7194    00000000    7025CA58    7011A675
703FD100:    70263BC0    7011A14D    00000000    703FD138
703FD110:    703FD13C    7041C400    70263DA4    7041C400
703FD120:    70263DA4    70263BC0    00000000    00000000
703FD130:    00000000    7011627B    00000000    00000000
== NS Dump ==
CFSR_NS  = 0x00000000
HFSR_NS  = 0x00000000
DFSR_NS  = 0x00000000
MMFAR_NS = 0x00000000
BFAR_NS  = 0x00000000
AFSR_NS  = 0x00000000
MSP_NS   = 0x00000000
PSP_NS   = 0x00000000
NS HardFault Status Reg = 0x00000000
SCB Configurable Fault Status Reg = 0x00000000
No Back Trace!

Any idea where the problem could be?

Hi @jacobo_carlos_casado,

May I know what server is this? Is there any code that you can provide in which we can help to see what is the issue?

Thank you.

Hello @Kelvin_Huang , I’m sorry but it’s already resolved.

I don’t know why, but when I copy and paste the example codes into a new sketch, conditioning them to my codes, I get this error on the serial monitor. However, if on the SDK examples themselves, I do a “Save As” and put my code there, that error does not appear.