AMB82 arduino Uploading Error

I only edited Wifi SSID and Password.
And I can’t upload the code by this error.
Please help. Thanks.


Have you pressed the two buttons at the sides to enter upload mode before flashing the code?


Yes. Could you figure what’s the problem?
‘ping fail’ and ‘Uart boot fail’ still remain.

This error log shows that you have not entered upload mode.

In serial monitor, press the 2 buttons and screenshot your serial monitor log.


Sketch uses 4239360 bytes (25%) of program storage space. Maximum is 16777216 bytes.
Enter Flash Mode!
Start Upload Flash
Uploading…upload success

End Upload Flash

Oh I pressed two buttons at the same time and I got this
Thank you but I still have one question.
How can I see the video through VLC media player?
Can I get an address?

Hi @h0_ng,

You may refer to this guide to see the video stream via VLC.

Thank you.

Your advice really helps me. Thanks:)
This is my serial monitor. I am using my individual Wifi router and I think AMB82 cannot connect with it while keep attempting.
I wanna see IP address in serial monitor.
Thank you.


Can you check your network credentials if it is right?

Also, you have attached the hardware antenna on AMB82-Mini right?

Thank you.

Problems are solving. Thank You.

I successfully connected AMB82 to Wifi.
I clicked “Play” on VLC media player according to your advice and I got this.
[VOE] osd2enc_queue receive queue timeout or fail (1)
What should I do in this situation?

Now my problem is this


Can you check your hardware connection for the camera to the board? Make sure that the MIPI connection is locked securely.

Do you manage to see any stream?

Thank you.

I solved all questions and successfully streamed!
Thank U so much.