4G LTE signal booster

Hello All,

Curious if anyone has ever thought of creating a 4G LTE signal booster as a bw16 module as its base and adding possibly home brew board/pcb for the receiver/repeater. Like most of these ‘ideas’ in the end,is probably easier/cheaper to buy a pre-made unit, Is there anyway of using pwm code along with the 2.4ghz band radio as sort of a ‘muxer’ device. I am certainly not smart enough to figure it out. Have seen where someone did build a 4G LTE signal booster from an Arduino, but had spent much time scratch building the actual ’ receiver/repeater board that went along with the Arduino.
We went to cellular for home internet and signal strength in this area is very weak,as our area sits down in a valley.


Hi @brcisna
Is this the project that you refer to?

Having a look through the content, I realised that this is not exactly an Arduino project, as the Arduino UNO was only there to read GPIO value and display information on the screen. The real stuff-- 4G LTE signal booster is handled by his analog circuit and another evaluation board.

If you wish to repeat his project, I believe BW16 can also do the trick, but the RF module in BW16 doesn’t help at all