BW16 as a wifi repeater

Hello All,
Still very green to the BW16/rtlduino.
Finally after much wrangling was able to get original firmware erased --B & T rtlduino— and a couple sketches successfully uploaded to device an works.
Am wanting to use two of these as a simple wifi repeater 5.8 ghz. One to piggyback onto a drone to repeat the drone wifi signal to a groundstation. The second rtlduino picks up this signal and transfers to the smartphone/tablet running the drone’s actual APP,with all features of the drone. Is strictly an experiment with external antennas to see if i can get a little more range of the drone’s wifi signal. In the end am afraid i may simply reflect the signal back at drone and most likely will not gain any distance for FPV of the drone.
I do not see a simple repeater sketch for the BW16 or maybe even a ‘station/ap’ mode sketch? Am not nearly smart enough to write anything up myself.

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Hi @brcisna
Congratulations on your success to upload custom firmware !

To answer this question, I suggest that you start by looking at this already working wlan repeater example from the Realtek standard SDK for RTL872X series, after all nearly all libraries with Arduino package is compiled and built from this SDK

Hi [xidameng]

Thank You so much for providing the wlan_repeater example for the BW16 module.
Am showing my stupidity here.
How do i compile the wlan_repeater example?
I assume if I get this to compile I can upload the resulting file with the image_tool.exe?
Is there a tutorial someplace that explains the procedure. Did look on the amebaiot forums.
Also,Is there an alternative for Linux for the image_tool? Surely someone has made something like this up to use?
Thanks again

Yes, you are right

Yes, there are. Download this pdf file and turn to page 13, it will teach you how to get started with the GCC release project,then you can build this example accordingly

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Thank You for providing good inormational links, [xidameng]
I need all the help i can get,it goes without saying.
Learned a lot reading the PDF link,you sent here

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Thank You for providing me with the PDF file. Am learning as i go on the ambd_sdk setup