BW16 module & SDR daughter board or USB’d as a LTE / 5G repeater , possible

BW16 module & SDR daughter board or USB’d as a LTE / 5G repeater , possible.

May have posted there here before some time back,sorry if i did.

Situation: Have a very weak LTE / 5G signal for our home cellular internet arrangement.

Would like to stay away with running cables up on roof an mounting external antennas, etc. LTE / 5G antennas current versions are insane price wise.

Solution:? Would it be possible to setup an BW16 module with maybe an SDR receiver and somehow, finagle this into acting as a repeater for a range of 600mhz- 3000mhz,place on a pole 10 meters in air and repeat to house were the gateway is residing

Have read were the newer versions more expensive SDR generations can act as both receiver and transmitter but still not certain on frequency ranges ,even after doing much reading.

Just curious more than anything if something like this is possible


Not sure what the role of the BW16 module is here, is it to act as a controller for the SDR?

It seems like it might be possible, but it probably needs to be more than a dumb repeater for every signal in range, otherwise it would just repeat all signals it sees, including noise and already strong signals.

Architecture wise, it would mean that your phones must be able to see the SDR as a valid “cell tower” and direct its data there, which are then send to the real tower. This would mean that the SDR must act somewhat like a router, parsing data packets and forwarding them between two channels. The data processing and control side seems like it will be too much for the BW16 to handle.

Then there is the regulation side. Transmission on commercially used frequencies are definitely heavily regulated by the FCC or equivalent national agency. Quite sure it will be hard to deal with as an individual.