Use AmebaD Arduino 3.0.9-build20210514 compile error

when i upgrade to ambd_arduino early 3.0.9-build20210514 version,
compile has an error and missing lib_wifi_fw and lib_wifi_ucps_fw library.

  1. variant.h
    rtlw_calloc function prototyping is conflicting

    when I fix prototpye as below
    extern uint8_t* rtw_calloc(uint32_t nelements, uint32_t elmentSize);

  2. library
    with link-statge told not found lib_wifi_fw.a …

Anyway, I copied these two libraries from the previous version to theat. It seems that the connection to 5G is smoother than the previous version. However, I often have problems getting the data for the first time when I use WebScoket. It only works when reconnecting to the server. And the disconnection rate also provides

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Yes, this is right, there are a few archive libraries defined in the “platform.txt” missing from the variants directory, which cause the issue, we will look into it

so i need use lib_wifi_fw and lib_wifi_upcs_fw library or comment define?

when comment platform.txt lib_wifi_fw.a and lib_wifi_ipcs_fw.a , compile success.
but i change to 5G band . keep wifi init stage ,

i try to many times, some time connected AP success(AP distance to node only 200cm)

the latest SDK has fixed the issue. Update early access SDK 3.0.9-build20210520

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@M-ichae-l I upgrade to the latest version. seems is all right. and
I have another question as as below hyper-Link

SSL Issue