RTL8720DN cannot initialize wifi in standard SDK


I am trying to using standard SDK to develop my RTL8720DN. But when I trying to config wifi, it shows hard fault error as following:

I am using the script scenario 5 in example_wlan_scenario.

Thanks if anyone can give some help.

Hi @adadadd,

Looking at the readme.txt for the example, it seems like the RTL8720DN is not supported, since AmebaD is not listed in the support list at the bottom.

Is there a specific reason you want to run scenario 5? the simpler way to connect to WiFi would be to use the AT commands ATW0=<ssid>, ATW1=<pass>, ATWC


Thanks for your advice. Actually, I saved the script in \project\realtek_amebaD_va0_example\src\src_hp/main.c. So, the problem is I cannot initialize WiFi by using wifi_on api. I think AmebaD should support it.

What do you mean by WiFi cannot initialize using wifi_on api? Testing with the standard SDK, connecting to wifi seems to work fine

How do you do the definition? I think I do not define somethings. Here is my scirpt.

#include <platform_opts.h>
#include "FreeRTOS.h"
#include "task.h"
#include <platform/platform_stdlib.h>
#include <lwip_netconf.h>
#include "wifi_constants.h"
#include "wifi_structures.h"
#include "lwip_netconf.h"
#include "wifi_conf.h"
#include "dhcp/dhcps.h"

extern struct netif xnetif[NET_IF_NUM]; 

#define MAC_ARG(x) ((u8*)(x))[0],((u8*)(x))[1],((u8*)(x))[2],((u8*)(x))[3],((u8*)(x))[4],((u8*)(x))[5]
static rtw_result_t scan_result_handler(rtw_scan_handler_result_t* malloced_scan_result);
static rtw_result_t scan_result_RSSI_handler(rtw_scan_handler_result_t* malloced_scan_result);

char *ssid;
char *password;

extern int error_flag;

void main()

looking at the code, it seems like wifi_on requires that the rtos is started first. Doing this seems to work:

void init(void *param)

int main(void)
    xTaskCreate(init, ((const char*)"init"), 512 + 768, NULL, tskIDLE_PRIORITY + 3 + PRIORITIE_OFFSET, NULL);

Thanks for your help. I can initialize wifi now. However, I encouter same problem in connecting wifi.

I call the wifi_connect() api in void init() after wifi_on(). It shows error as followings:

Is it the same issue as before?

you are probably using it wrong.
Examples of how the WiFi code should be used can be seen in the ATW0, ATW1, ATWC commands in atcmd_wifi.c file from the standard SDK, as well as wifi_drv.cpp file from Arduino.