How can I get the standard sdk for rtl872xCSM or rtl872xD series

hi there ,
how can I get the standard sdk as i searched the github but only the open source version which is incomplete …


Are you mean ambz2_sdk? if yes , please refer to hyperlink

hi alphi ,
i have downloaded the git hub , but as i said it’s a open source version without any bluetooth source file .
seems this post none support from realtek developper .

thanks for your reply again .


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Hi Jason,

You are right, github SDK contains just enough source code to evaluate the SoC but not the entire SDK, which can be obtained by signing NDA with SoC distributor or with Realtek directly, if you are interested in signing NDA, please PM me with your information so I can direct you to the right contact.

hi dameng,
thanks for your help .
i’m evaluating the chip with a project with low power and ble wifi feature as well as a usb interface .
you can directly contact me by email ( or wechat number : scj61001
thanks again .


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