Rtl 8710 and rtl8195

when will the production of rtl8710 and 8195 will come to end.Is there any better version for the same thing .

check the following link. i recommend the Ameba RTL8722DM MINI

is it possible to make rtl8710 to be wifi access point and client simultaneously (STA+AP) using Arduino IDE , is there library support for it…?

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For RTL8710 under Arduino framework,such function is NOT supported. You can view all the supported API here at


according to Realtek AT Command Application Note section 5.5 (START STA+AP) it is possible , we can create a serial port to serial console (GB0 and GB1 pins used for Tx and Rx to access the serial console.), and send AT command , so from Arduino code running on RTL8710 we can do this…?


I don’t quite understand, but with Arduino such function is not supported, but if you would like to switch to the the standard SDK, then yes, you can use AP+STA mode, the link to Ameba 1 standard SDK is as follows,