Thermal Scanning #day9_amebaIOT

Thermal imaging can be very useful in time of emergencies like COVID, as it is easier to monitor temperatures of people entering a premise and image tagging, if found to have fever / higher tempperature. So, that person can be isolated.
But traditional thermal cameras are very expensive and limited in availabiliy, as of now.

One of the simpler and cost effective solutions can be, pairing an “Infrared Thermal sensor” (i.e MLX90614) with a camera module, controlled by an IOT board (i.e. Ameba IOT boards).

With this setup, we can automate the system of temperature scanning.

  1. the device scans based on presene of a person (i.e face), detecting face can b done using camera + simple ML image recognition.

  2. Detection of mask, if no mask present log that image and warn to wear a mask.

  3. Scan temperature, if found to have fever, save that image with a time stamp and temperature stamp.

  4. All the recorded data can be sent to a common server of the organzation or Govt, So, if a person with fever / ilness is detected once, that can b notified to other branches / people.

With little more use of Edge computing, we can also implement further scanning and detection of cold, stress etc using facial featres.

These types of implementation can be rapily brought ino production / if an organization has an R&D team, they can build it themselves and quickly deploy, for safety and wellness of everyone.


Check out this demo video :sunglasses:

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