Robot Assistance #day9_amebaiot

A growing trend is the assistance of IoT robot use. Robots can be used to disinfect devices, clean hospitals and deliver medicine, all of which give healthcare workers more time to treat their patients. Robots has started using IoT to make robots that can clean patient rooms and disinfect theaters in hospitals. China has been one of the first countries to these robots to keep their health buildings clean during COVID-19.

Overall, IoT in healthcare over the past several years has been a prevalent factor in assisting workers with patient care even before the spread of the pandemic. For the growing elderly generation, IoT is able to monitor and assist patients with their everyday lives’. For example, a Fitbit or similar fitness band has been able to keep track of the consumer’s calorie intake, exercise habits, blood pressure, and provide calendar updates on upcoming health appointments. People living alone with conditions such as heart disease or diabetes can rely on these wireless devices as well to keep track of their bodies and hopefully stay healthy.

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