IOT Edge Computing #Day10_AmebaIOT

IoT as a technology, Is being Implemented very widely and the growth is exponential.
The areas where we are seeing IOT implementation are mostly in control, data collection and connectiviy, One area IoT implementation lacking is Edge Computing.

Even though todays IOT hardware (Like Ameba IoT boards), are capable of edge computing as well as simple AI & ML, we have seen very slow advancements and implementations in this area, As most of us rely on traditional servers, as we feel they are more reliable and secure.
But, some of the advantages of implementing Edge Computing along with Traditional servers.

  1. Full usage of IoT hardware capability.
  2. Edge Computing Reduces Computational stress on server
  3. Ensure data backup on device as well as on server
  4. IoT device continues to work even during network interruptions
    and many more…

As we can see, by combining traditional computing and edge computing, we not only reduce computational stress on server, as the computation of data takes places at source, we also reduce running costs, as we will be having most efficient usage of resources.
Hoing, we se more implementationd and developmets regarding edge computig…

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