Streaming with cloud based server

I want to to the streaming of amb mini camera over the internet using any cloud based server is there any possibility to do this if yes can I get the example code the cloud based server can either be firebase or any other also the suggesting for cloud services for streaming will be appreciated Thanks

Yes, it is possible to streaming over the internet. However, this is no example code currently. I suggest you can port it yourself. If the internet platform is supported the RTSP it will be easier.

Okay so is there any way that I can send video over the internet of amb mini to the cloud I mean in http formate chunks but with less latency Thanks

Anybody here to response

Hi @umair_aziz,

I understand you really would like to have an working example of streaming the video feed to a cloud server like firebase. Right now, we are occupied with a lot of issues and we may not have the time and capacity to work on that yet. For now, can you experiment first or hopefully any community members with such experience can help him out?

Thank you.