Rtl8720dn mqtt ssl connection

I want to make an ssl mqtt connection from bw16 module. TCP connection is working good. but i couldnt find any at commands specific for ssl connection. Can someone help me.

these are the commands i used to connect tcp. What changes should i use for ssl.

Hi @Chandrakanth_KM

I am not familiar with AT+WJAP and AT+MQTT commands, these do not seem to be default AT commands found in the GitHub standard SDK. What firmware are you running and where did you get it from?

I got the version 4.9.2 firmware and its instruction set from this site.

That firmware is written and maintained by Ai-Thinker (B&T). IIRC it is not open-source. If it does not include the capability to use SSL for MQTT, you might want to try contacting Ai-Thinker to request for this feature.

Alternatively, you might also consider the GitHub Standard SDK, which includes an MQTT example that can use SSL. However, AT commands for MQTT are not included, but may be manually added in.

thank you for your quick response. I will consider the standard github sdk