BW16 RTL8720DN - MQTT Subcribed but no notification for new message

Im using BW16 RTL8720DN Wifi Module and firmware version is

at version:release/V4.18_P2.29.2
sdk version:amebad_v6.2C
firmware version:release/V4.18_P5.6.4

I have connected with my MQTT server and able to publish message to server. but i cant able to read / receive the subscribed (new) message. How to get the message.

At commands - MQTT AT 命令集 — 安信可科技 documentation

whenever i publish from the server i got the publish packet msg in UART_LOG

[AI_MqttKeepalive()-1341]send mqtt req
[AI_MqttDataHandle()-1555]Read packet type is PINGRESP
[AI_MqttDataHandle()-1555]Read packet type is PUBLISH
[AI_MqttKeepalive()-1341]send mqtt req
[AI_MqttDataHandle()-1555]Read packet type is PINGRESP

But no response in the UART.

Hello @mssiva1 ,

Thank you providing the sdk information and log.

Unfortunately, we are not maintaining for MQTT AT 命令集 — 安信可科技 documentation from AI-Thinker. Ameba IoT only supports Arduino SDK and Standard SDK Realtek’s AT command on GitHub. Therefore, you should raise this question to AI-Thinker’s channel instead of here.

Its worked, thanks