How to Use AT command send data to MQTT with BW16 Wi-Fi Moudle

Recently, I’ve been interested in using the BW16 Wi-Fi module to send data to an MQTT Broker via AT commands, similar to the ESP8266. However, after reviewing the RTL8720D AT command manual provided by B&T, I didn’t find any instructions related to transmitting data to MQTT. Can anyone tell me if the BW16 has the same capability as the ESP8266 in terms of sending data via AT commands? If so, could you provide me with the complete process? Also, could someone provide me with a more comprehensive AT command manual, if possible?

B&T RTL8720D AT command:

Dear @qweqwewq ,

I will clarify 2 points below with you:

Firstly, the B&T AT command is maintained by a company called B&T. This AT command API level is an application level that they have added on top of Realtek’s standard SDK. The link they provided is all the current AT Command they have. If you wish to use your MQTT Broker AT Command via B&T SDK, please find their own dedicated customer support channel and request ESP8266-Like AT Command.

Secondly, alternatively, you could use Realtek AmebaD Arduino SDK which provided MQTT examples that are ready to use and the guide provided:

Thank you.